The Problem

A recent study finds almost 70 percent of North American smokers want to quit. More than half tried last year, but only 6 percent succeeded. What they need is something to keep them motivated long after the end of those weekly support groups.

Our Solution:

Smoke Free is the best way to quit smoking! When paired with your favourite smartwatch, it’s able to detect and record the number of cigarettes you’ve smoked simply by the motion of your arm. See how much money you’ve saved, how many cigarettes you’ve smoked, and how much “life” you’ve regained. Set your own personalized goals and track your progress.

How Does It Work?

Using the device’s accelerometer, we created an algorithm from the raw XYZ data that is able to distinguish between smoking and non-smoking gestures. The C programming language allows us to push these data to a compatible android app made with Android studio. Through simple calculations, the app is able to show the user various statistics related to their profile and allows them to keep track of their progress.

Challenges we faced:

Working outside of our comfort zone. No one in our team had worked with the Pebble SDK before, or wearables in general. No team member was proficient with the C programming language, while it was the language relied upon for all communications from the Pebble device.

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