How this helps the COVID-19

We have launched this in Jeypore, Odisha, INDIA. We have taken special permission from the City Administrations for running this service. This is helping the residents in the area. We are working on scaling up to othe towns. We have obtained permission for the same from City Admins and we'll be up soon.

The problem project-raasan solves

The key idea behind this independent venture is to digitalize ration stores and help forge a connection between the store and the nearest customer. The immediate target of the venture is to deliver the aforementioned items to people at their doorstep so that they do not have to step outside their houses amid a lockdown. The business model is meant to be branded in a manner that attracts customers and creates a customer base at a low budget. An impediment to the otherwise noble venture is the fact that the delivery guys sometimes decline taking out the orders because of the lockdown.

Challenges we ran into

Parsing the API, Establishing secure API via tokens, Modular UI designs

Built With

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posted an update

New Features Added: 10th May: At Hacklarious

Add a Twilio bot to integrate our services using WhatsApp. Users can now send WhatsApp message and the bot would show the items available. They can place order via app. It is limited now. Advanced features like search, images and track order is not in Twilio. We are working on that

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