Project Prompt is home automation software for your Mac and iPhone designed to connect to and control any device you can imagine. Remove all of the complexity involved with building a smart, affordable home automation system and use Prompt. If your internet connected lightbulbs are all different brands, no problem. Simply connect them to Project Prompt and turning off those lights is as easy as pressing a button.

How it works

Project Prompt is designed to be extremely expandable, from adding custom informational panels called Prompts to integrating your DIY projects to directly running applications or AppleScripts on your Mac. No coding is required to use Project Prompt, but if you are so inclined, you can develop your own Prompts using a combination of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Additionally, Project Prompt works with several new computer interface devices, such as the Leap Motion Controller and the Thalmic Labs Myo. If you don't have a screen nearby or simply don't want to use one, Project Prompt even talks to you to let you know what is going on in your home.

What's next for Project Prompt

Additional wearable and other alternate human-machine interface device integration.

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