We were inspired after reading an article from Global News in 2018, stating that 1/3 of the young Canadian women cannot afford menstrual products. We were shocked that such essential needs could not be met by every individual. Although there are many services and community associations aimed at helping by providing free sanitary products, it seems that the locations of these products are not very well-known and are hard to find in times of need.

What it does

Project Pink is a web app which leverages community knowledge to track the distribution of free menstrual products, ultimately providing users detailed information on where free products are located. Users are able to add new locations with available resources whenever they find them.

We have also added value to the web app by implementing a public washroom locator, an important amenity for not only women, but all demographics in general.

How we built it

Our team started with the intent of building an Android app using React and Firebase. However, given our lack of prior knowledge of these tools, we chose to pursue other methods which would be more feasible within the given timeframe: creating a web app with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and the Google Maps API.

Challenges we ran into

Team members of Project Pink were able to learn to use APIs and Bootstrap from scratch, and have integrated this knowledge into constructing a web app within the limited 24 hours. We initially wanted to develop a mobile app to maximize user accessibility, but our team did not yet have the skills required to do so quickly enough.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team of five (three developers, one designer, and one business specialist) had different strengths and weaknesses. Our developers and designers had a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We are very proud to have learned Google Maps API and Bootstrap from scratch and integrated them into Project Pink. Being able to learn new tools and incorporating them into meaningful projects within 24 hours is a great accomplishment!

What we learned

By attending StarterHacks2020, we have collaborated with numerous individuals to make our ideas a reality. We have improved ourselves by learning to take every individual's strengths and combining to make a great project. We understand that such great work could not be accomplished by any single individual, and it is essential for us to work together to apply tech for social good.

What's next for Project Pink

In the future, Project Pink aims to transform into a mobile app for ease of accessibility. We also plan to improve our user engagement and make our information more dynamic by allowing users to update the status of menstrual resources at specific locations.

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