During the brainstorming stages with members of our team, we knew we wanted to assist individuals around us with the problems that plague their everyday life. Managing prescriptions, finding our way around food restrictions, and other ideas came up, but none were as real or as recent as those afflicting our classmates at Santa Clara University. With the horrific number of cases of date rape and sexual assault at SCU, we knew we wanted to focus our attention on this topic in some way.

With "Pineapple" being a popular keyword used for safety purposes, we adopted the name for our project developed during this hackathon.

What it does

Project Pineapple gives individuals the option of added security when going out for the night, by scheduling check-ins at certain times to survey the wellbeing of the user. If the password is not submitted by the scheduled time, an alert will be sent to those that the user labeled 'contacts.'

How we built it

This project was built using APIs in Python, and a UI/Frontend with Swift.

Challenges we ran into

A lot of us were new to the languages and workflows that were part of our tech stack, which forced us to quickly familiarize ourselves with complex behaviors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud to have put forth the effort that was required to bring our project to where it is, and of everything we learned over the last 24 hours! We are particularly impressed by our teammates Shiv and Asad. Shiv, a freshman in his first hackathon, has already displayed unmatched abilities working with backend and APIs. Asad, the oldest and most experienced in our group, really stepped up as a leader and guided us through the experience.

What's next for Project Pineapple

B2B business plan? Nope, Project Pineapple's goal is to reach people that need it, being as accessible as possible for that very reason. We hope to expand this app in the future as we become more comfortable with the technologies picked up during such a short timespan.

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