We decided to create the project performance dashboard to view all the essential information about completed sprints and team performance on the single dashboard without the continuous generation of reports and their configuration.

What it does

The app generates the four charts that give project managers and team leads sufficient insights about completed sprints and performance of their teams and individual developers. This allows them to better forecast the tentative performance of the team and better plan sprints and workload. The app provides the following charts:

📊 Sprint Structure per Issue Type: analyze the structure of your sprints and find out whether you add new functionality or address issues and bugs from previous sprints.

💡 Story Throughput: analyze the number of completed stories throughout the sprints to better understand how your project evolves.

📈 Team and Individual Velocity: evaluate velocity of your team and individual developers to better understand the development capacity and plan workload for ontime project completion.

How we built it

Initial work on the app started from analysis of Scrum sprint metrics that can give project managers, team leads and product owners a capability to analyze performance of the team and overall progress on the project. Once we collected all the key metrics, we proceeded to creation of prototypes in AdobeXD. We discussed the mechanism to calculate the reporting data and proceeded to development. We decided to use the reliable and proven technology stack of Atlassian Connect with SpringBoot and Java 8. For front-end we used React, JavaScript and AtlasKit. For chart generation we used D3.js. The app is running in AWS (production) and Heroku (staging).

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge for the team was to start working with D3.js. We have no prior experience with it, so it took some time to figure out how to build charts with it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to create the app that can instantly display performance of the project development team without any necessity to configure or adjust anything on the Jira side.

What we learned

We learned that calculation of some simple metrics can be not so trivial as we expected :)

What's next for Project Performance Dashboard for Jira Cloud

We will continue adding new charts and reports, like Issue in Status, Issue Transitions Map, Story Lead Time, Story to Complete Average Time.

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