A group of hackers known as Team Bob (Ryan, Vishnu, Matthew) created this app to help people socialize better. It was inspired by the fact that anxiety affects up to 40 % of children and teens with autism so we wanted to find a way to help them and any others in similar situations.

The app has a user friendly interface that is very visual based with audio elements to help enhance the user experience. When someone uses it, it gives shows every day social situations or useful common knowledge. Then, the user can watch videos and interact with it after watching the videos by taking the builtin quizzes. Since some of the users may have difficulty reading, we planned to implement a text to speech feature.

This was built using HTML using Github as a platform for collaboration. We decided to use HTML as it would be an efficient way to get the bare bones of the idea down. This would later be rewritten as a desktop and mobile application.

The biggest challenge we ran into would be the time limit. We had a lot to learn before our project could become feasbile so we ended up running out of time.

My proudest accomplishment during this Hackathon was being able to learn a lot of things.

Leading into the next prompt, the things I learned include how to use tech resources like Github and a ton of new software from the sponsors.

The next steps for our Social Skills App would be to refine it by making it look good and by adding more content. We would also rewrite it as an application as opposed to a website. We would also add a randomizer feature to provide access to a variety of content and keep updating it with new content.

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