What it does

An ecosytem where educators will upload videos of themselves teaching and everytime a new user registers on this ecosystem, he/she will get one course free. After that, they will have to buy it using their credit score. In order to evaluate a student, Each course will be followed up a bunch of quizzes, some assignments and a major/minor project, the score on these assignments, projects and quizzes will give them credit score accordingly. There would also be an extra forum and discussions page , where our mentors as well as fellow learners will form a community in order to answer and solve queries of students. Each and everyone could give contribution here. After every evaluation, a student will get certain amount of credit score which will decide weather he/she can get enrolled into next course or he/she will have to shed some money from their own pocket. A big pro of using this feature is that it will encourage every student to score good so that they can get maximum amount of discount on the next course they want to get enrolled into.

How I built it

The frontend part is completed and for backend i am still learning backend and databse.

Challenges I ran into

The backend part was a challenge and then to collect or make a community of people who are willing to become mentor or upload videos on this platform.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

If it gets successful then i will really be proud of giving free education or education at very low cost, also on my platform everyone will get a chance to become mentor .

What I learned

Backend part, i had previouslty worked with frontend but working on backend was new to me.

What's next for Project Padhai

Making this idea successful, collecting more people, making this community of project padhai even bigger.

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