While social distancing is the key to protect ourselves from becoming covid positive, it would really be difficult to stand in queues and wait for hours to just get an appointment from our doctor in the post covid era.

Carrying our medical reports everywhere ,from one doctor to another might be tedious job and in this sometimes , we loose our important records. It really becomes important for a doctor to know our medical history before medication and not having proper documents might become a life threat.

What it does

We present to you OSHA a one stop solution for all these problems. You can signup on our webapp as a doctor or a patient. While on the signup page, you can locate nearby hospitals and pharmaceuticals in emergency and make an emergency call as well. As you login, you can see an option to book an appointment with the doctor. Also you can store all your previous medical reports here so that you wont have to carry it everywhere.

Looking at broader spectrum, we have designed this app in such a way that a disabled person can use ASL->text conversion for conveying his problem to the doctor. (ASL ie American Sign Language)

Suffering from an ailment might cause lot of stress and affect one's mental health, hence we have also incorporated a mental health chatbot-XORI as a companion to the user.

We also have 3D fitness assistant and a doctor to assist you in your mental and physical well being, made using EchoAR. The fitness assistant will show you some workouts which will help you in staying fit.

How I built it

We built using React, echoAR, Node.js, firebase, Python, figma.

Challenges I ran into

We used echoAR for the first time and it was challenging to work with. We had issues implementing the Admin panel. It was difficult to train the ASL model as well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The application is up and running and we were able to bring out the thought from the prototype into the webpage.

What I learned

We learned to use firebase authentication and storage, echoAR, and machine learning.

What's next for Project OSHA

Implementing more features in the working prototype and admin panel. We would also wish to have a market survey to know what more features user would want to be incorporated in the webapp.

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