GForge is a revolutionary new git tool suite that allows teams to work seemlessly via web based and desktop based software. GForge aims to replace GitHub, Slack, and Atlassian by combining all those features into one. The problem, is that many users already use GitHub and need a way to transfer their projects to GForge.

What it does

Transferring the code is easy, but the issues and other project tracking information specific to GitHub is not automatic. That is where oprah comes in. Oprah is a CLA that automatically transfers the code, branches, commits, and issues from GitHub to a specified GForge repository in under a minute. Simply run the command oprah and all your troubles will be over.

How we built it


Challenges we ran into

  • GitHub api query per hour limit
  • Pagenation in callback functions
  • 3/4 were new to Node.js
  • Authentication with GForge
  • Windows/Linux/Mac development environments

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Completely automated
  • Built with npm libraries
  • Meeting our MVP well before deadline
  • Good software engineering practices

What we learned

  • Node.js
  • HTTP request protocol
  • GitHub, GForge API
  • npm
  • pagination

What's next for Project Oprah

  • Publishing to npm package
  • Perfecting pagination
  • Expanding scale of both API's
  • Code documentation

Built With

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