Project Nebula is a space-themed collectible strategy game on the ICON blockchain. The individual planets in Project Nebula are non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which players can claim inside the game and trade or sell between themselves. Each planet has a unique design and attributes that determine how useful and powerful they are in the game.

Project Nebula combines the genres of collectible and strategy games, including many elements from the “4X” games such as exploration, research and resource management.

We are also collaborating with many artists to include digital art in the form of pictures or planetary soundtracks into the game.

Game demo:

For this hackathon we submitted an early stage demo of Project Nebula that showcases some of the functionalities of upcoming the game.

NB! This demo is optimized for desktop.

1.In the Sector View players can explore the galaxy and investigate various stars. The covered hexes represent areas that have not been explored in detail yet (opening new hexes is not possible in this demo).

2.In areas that have already been explored, players can get a closer look at the individual planets of each system by entering the Solar System View.

There they will see the list of planets of that specific system and will also see whether a planet has already been claimed by someone or not. Also, the rarity classes of each planet are visible here (based on the colours of the planet names).

3.To see a planet in more detail, players will have to enter the Planet Detail View, which hosts all of the important information about the planet: name, rarity, description, unique story (if available), artwork (if available), resource generation rate, special resources, available upgrade slots, completed upgrades and basic stats.

There is also a button for either buying or selling a planet (if you already own it), buying/selling a planet is not possible in this demo.

4.Players can get an overview of their digital assets by clicking the “overview” button on the top navigation bar. The Overview View lists all the planets that the player owns along with the most important stats of those planets.

The Overview View also shows the total resource generation, research queue, what the player is currently building and his/her special resources.

It is not possible to research new technologies or build structures in this demo. Also the Marketplace/Achievements/Leaderboard buttons are grayed out and not implemented into this version.

How we built it:

This demo was created by the 2 members of the ICON Forge team:

Kaarel Sööt, worked on game design and development.
Holger Sundja, worked on game design, Unity and collaborations.

We used SCORE to develop the NFT logic, implementing the IRC3 Token Standard (and complemented it with Metadata and Enumerable extensions). Planets used in this demo are stored on and fetched from Yeuido Testnet. Client-side part of the app was done in Vue.js. Amazon Web Services Serverless infrastructure was used for image manipulation, off-chain data storage and processing. The planet visuals are created in Unity3D (to enable future upgradeability to a full 3D game).

Additionally we would like to thank:

Triin Loosaar for helping us with UI/UX and other design tasks.
Ewert Sundja for composing compelling music for Project Nebula.
Elias Stern for creating the astonishing artworks for this demo.

(NB the artworks presented in this demo will not be used in the final game, although the final game will include new artwork specifically created for Project Nebula by the same artist)

What's next for Project Nebula:

  1. Next, we will build an NFT Marketplace for selling and trading the planets.
  2. Launch the IPO (Initial Planet Offering i.e planet pre-sale)
  3. Implement all currently missing pieces of the game, including the research tree, achievements, etc. and release the beta.


With the additional month we added the Marketplace functionality to the demo. It is now possible to sign-in to Project Nebula with your wallet and purchase planets for ICX. Selling planets it not possible in this demo. Video tutorial : https://youtu.be/jOxt-DCHrkw

Contract on Yeouido testnet: https://bicon.tracker.solidwallet.io/contract/cxb3a4a89b2cdbc4165e6a6ec9efe069cd6bb30d06

GitHub access credentials sent to markus@hyperconnector.io

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