We were inspired by our past working experiences where we felt that it was difficult for colleagues to organise casual company events. These activities are vital to building a good company culture. However, oftentimes these group activities, such as having lunch and cycling together, would either be discussed in work chats or using work emails, which could distract employees from actual work matters. On the other hand, sometimes groups would be created on personal messaging apps which could then make it hard for employees to separate their work life from their personal life. To solve this challenge, with inspiration from other applications that promote cohesiveness in communities, like GoodHood and iCondo, we created WorkLine.

What it does

WorkLine provides a platform for employees to share common experiences and organise bonding activities. It helps the employees separate work-related chats and emails from casual ones. Having a place to discuss and find activities with colleagues encourages bonding and improves workplace relationships while maintaining professionalism at work.

How we built it

We used the python web development framework Django.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was picking up the web development framework as it was the first time the both of us tried full-stack development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The accomplishments that we are most proud of are firstly, being able to produce a prototype in a short period of time and secondly formulating an idea that we both believe in.

What we learned

We learnt the basics to full-stack development using Django. We also learnt about sgID integration.

What's next for WorkLine

Firstly, we would finish developing the main pages. Secondly, we would try to create a mobile application version as well so that it is more convenient for users. Third, we would add more features to improve user experience such as calendar views, notifications and previews. Fourth, we would add a reward system for companies to use to incentive employees. Finally, we would integrate sgID for a more sure log in.

How WorkLine fits the Judging Criterion

Technical Implementation

The technical implementation is effective as a webpage is easy to use, and the features are also programmable provided sufficient time.


This app ensures the privacy and security of the users as more features could be implemented to ensure that rules and regulations are followed and these features such as blocking functions and encryption are feasible. To add on, the app promotes sharing which could benefit the environment.


WorkLine is able to be sold commercially to companies and could profit by charging companies a subscription or one-off fee based on the number of users or features.


WorkLine is unique and creative as no such social media application has been created in the context of co-worker communities.

Relevance of ideas

WorkLine aligns with the theme as it is new and able to be used in a large scale, therefore revolutionizing the workplace. It also aligns with the problem statement by helping to improve workplace relationships and morale which would allow employees to seek joy in their work and offers practical benefits such as increased productivity.

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