Most of our group members are gamers and Discord users, so we thought it would be cool if we could come up with a hack that would be of use to users like us. We would know of certain issues and things that could be done to benefit people like us, and some of these things that we wanted to address were the importance of staying hydrated during prolonged computer usage sessions as well as the need to get up and stretch every so often.

What it does

Wellness Bot can help users build healthy habits when it comes to computer usage. After users opt in to the bot’s functions, it can give periodic reminders to drink water, and can turn this into a fun game between friends with a leaderboard system. In addition, Wellness Bot can detect statuses of users in Discord, whether it be listening to music on Spotify or playing a game, and for the latter, recommend stretches to do after a session of gaming.

How we built it

We used node.js as well as Discord’s developer tools to create Wellness Bot. With the discord.js module, we were able to make sure of the client and bot tokens to add Wellness Bot to servers and deploy our code.

Challenges we ran into

Most of the issues that we ran into were due to our unfamiliarity with Discord’s Developer tools. None of us had prior experience creating bots, which made it difficult to get started immediately.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Some things about our project that we thought were cool were how we could detect users' statuses and how we could take input in the form of reactions. (user input doesn't have to strictly be text).

What we learned

We definitely learned a great deal about how to create bots, how to use Discord’s Developer tools, as well as the extensive capabilities of what bots can do.

What's next for WellnessBot for Discord Servers

In the future, we hope to implement a few features: ability to track time spent in voice calls, track whether or not the number of messages is too high, and graphic visualizations of time spent in voice calls/games and water breaks taken.

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