The sudden demonetization and lack of cash in the ATM troubled many including myself. It was always convenient to just reach out to my peers to get cash in return of bank transfers

What it does

It serves as a platform where users who are low on cash can send a broadcast within an X mile radius for a cash request. Users who happen to have cash on them, or your friends on the platform can accept the request, you both meet in person for the handover and the app settles the balance via a bank transfer.

How we built it

We used Firebase extensively for auth and live data transactions

Challenges we ran into

Being a designer it's tough for me to build something which does not look beautiful in the 30 hour hackathon I spent a lot of time making sure the product was more finished instead of more like a concept so we missed out on some small feature

Accomplishments that we're proud of

All in all we have created a product/concept which would serve as a benchmark for our future undertakings. If you look at the design, it will speak for itself and for the efforts we have put in

What we learned

We learned that every one works at a different pace so it is important to take everyone along

What's next for Project-Murphy

We're going to scale it and implement some sophisticated security mechanisms

Built With

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