Project Mercury is a demo of a desktop app to manage you're mintchip locally, included with a demo for doing transactions through a website.

The focus of this project isn't so much on making a transaction, it's a look at the technology of the mintchip, and what can be developed around it with the correct standards in place.

The features shown are:

  • Using Digital receipts to keep a transaction history of each product you buy
  • Tracking warranties on you're purchase, including contact information on how to get support
  • Tracking recall information on purchases (example: Canada Food Inspection Agency issues a recall on cold cuts that are causing Listeriosis)
  • Identifying Fraud through new online services, that can notify or block transactions with suspicious parties

I also look at some of the weaknesses in the technology, and demonstrate what I see as the most important issue, money can be destroyed by poorly written applications.

I like the concept of API driven money, but I hope as it matures, standards bodies are developed that will dictate the protocols, durability requirements, and ultimately allow for a healthy ecosystem of interop, and not limit itself into a select few proprietary applications.

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