Being in a fast pace society, we find that we are getting lesser and lesser time to interact with people around us, let alone spend time on scheduling meetups! Hence, we wanted to make an app that specialises in creating meetup events using the minimum time possible, hence the idea for this impromptu meetup app.

What it does

What it does is magic. Nah, just kidding, of course it's not just magic. What Epsilon does is to sign user in via their facebook account and Gmail account, so that we can fetch their friends data and calendar data. Upon fetching, it will display the list of friends who are free for meetup. From there, user can select a number of friends to ask along, set the time and venue, and wait for invitees to respond to the invitation. Once all invitees have responded, a group chat will be created and users can debate on the nitty gritties from there! Hassle free is our tag line.

How I built it

With meteor, Jquery, Materialise and lots of sugar, spice and everything nice

Challenges I ran into

Too many to list, no time to list.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We managed to build an app within a day!

What I learned

So many so many so many...

What's next for Project Meetup

Bring it further!

List of packages

iron:router accounts-ui useraccounts:materialize useraccounts:iron-routing accounts-google accounts-facebook service-configuration materialize:materialize@=0.97.0 softwarerero:accounts-t9n # translation to other languages percolate:google-api http stevezhu:fbgraph momentjs:moment em0ney:jstz mikael:accounts-merge gfk:notifications gfk:server-messages

Built With

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