Inspiration :

We were inspired to create this app because we felt that a lot of communication apps prevent us from connecting and sharing our projects efficiently.

What it does :

It creates a friendly and organized environment where group mates can discuss their projects, plan ahead, and properly manage to work on their project no matter what the subject of that project is.

How we built it :

We started by thinking how we could help these types of communities in which people work on group projects, and we thought that it is a good idea to make communication and planning even easier than it was before for them.

Challenges we ran into :

Integrating the JSQMessage Library which was not completely updated for swift 3.0 and it was in beta mode. Also, we had problems with the time given to finish this application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

We are proud that we were able to make a responsive and user-friendly app in a short period of time because of the challenges that we endured. The challenge was that our team was comprised of one developer and one graphic designer and we were working on a complex app which uses different libraries, databases, and different programming languages.

What we learned: We learned that we were able to collaborate well. New programming and design skills. Also, since this was our first experience in hackathon we learned about hackathons, finding mentors, and networking.

What's next for Project Manager: In the future updates, we will be adding support for different types of documents to the app, so users would be able to quickly share their progress more in depth.

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