Refinder adds project management to Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Docs. Your team members are already different apps. Refinder unifies your apps into a secure project dashboard, all data, comments, and activities in one place.

A project in Refinder can consist of a whole Evernote notebook or a set of tagged notes. Your team mates can read your notes, "like" them, add comments, and add their own notes.

We think that its much easier to follow the progress of your project when you have all data in one place and its quicker to comment on a note than to send emails back and forth, giving you more time to getting things done.

You can

  • Create "collections" for each project
  • Add all notes from a notebook
  • Add notes by tag
  • Comment, "like", and link notes
  • Unify Dropbox, Google Docs, Twitter, RSS feeds, and Bookmarks

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In the video, you see how Greg wants to cook a perfect steak for his date Lara, and he struggles because he doesn't use Evernote. Lara on the other hand does know how to cook steaks, because she uses Refinder, which helps her to see everything about steaks from her own Evernote account and the Evernote account and Dropbox account of her friends.

We will publish the integration on 6th July for everyone to try and vote, if you want to test it before, skype to leobard or getrefinder or write to

Evernote is a company that will last for 100 years, so it would be nice to bring those notes into project management and social interaction. Development of the submission was done by Bernhard Schandl and Gerhard Grossberger from the Vienna-based 5-folks Startup Refinder. This video was done by Leo, the CEO, and buddies over the weekend. We enjoyed filming it as much as we love Evernote and steaks.

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