With FFDC, Finastra is moving towards a marketplace/platform approach for third-party FinTech developers to integrate into the bank’s infrastructure and services in order to drive new value for the FI. This is bigger than “simply” Open Banking. Many of these third-party developers need to solve the sorts of problems that aggregators like Yodlee and its competitors solve. Let’s look at a case study with aggregation to show how it works.

What it does

FinGoal has built a Proof-of-Concept to surface Aggregation functionality (starting with aggregation) within the Finastra’s FFDC platform.

The aggregation is sold to the FI through the FFDC marketplace with data structures normalized to FFDC standards. Any FI’s users data that have aggregated will be made available to other FFDC marketplace service providers to the FI.

What we learned

If we abstract aggregation to the bank’s platform layer, we can drive: Simplicity, Cost Efficiency, and Higher Marketplace Adoption

What's next

Beyond this hackathon submission, FinGoal’s Find Money transaction enrichment will also be made available to all of the service providers of the FI.


Follow the Heroku link to explore the live deployment of the demo! The demo app works best on a full-screen desktop and has not been optimized for mobile. Additionally, it is being run on a free server so it can take a moment to spin up.

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