In an age of immense cultural, political, and wealth disparity, there exist evermore miscommunications between one another. Science suggests that there is one perfect, optimal way to solve a problem. Yet, when searching for ideal solutions to social issues, we often tear down the infinite layers of complexity within us to make sense of a world that was, perhaps, never meant to be rational. In this rapidly expanding world of technology, dehumanization has grown ever more rampant. The pursuit of technological progress tends to obstruct us from striving for social progress as we construct artificial barriers that separate us on the basis of the color of our skin, our gender identity, or even our occupation. We want to create spaces that spark authentic conversations between humans and inspire people to think deeply and differently. This is a search for an alternative world in which people can become more human with one another. We want to discover ways to break down the walls between us and maximize our potential as a global community. This all starts by listening to others.

What it does

College students tend to talk about diversity in a general sense, but rarely do we advance to more in-depth conversations. Students aren’t always willing to slow down to communicate with each other with the intention to understand, and voices from marginalized communities often go unheard. Now, more than ever we need to amplify the voices of our BIPOC communities, as well as those living in poverty. Our team pursued the “Inequality” track presented by Duke’s IDEATE in an initiative to search for more meaningfully diverse, equitable, and inclusive college campuses. We aim to enable underrepresented college students to anonymously share their personal experiences with inequality while fostering meaningful exchanges with others. “Listen,,” is a platform where untold stories are encouraged; a space to affirm each other’s narratives and experiences in order to reflect on the needs and diversity of underrepresented communities.

A school email (.edu) is required for new users to browse or post stories, and a random name generator is applied each time a user submits a story in order to guarantee anonymity and prevent tracking. New users will also be asked to agree to terms of conditions, as well as a non-discrimination policy. All posts and comments will go through a moderator to filter out inappropriate comments with hate speech before it gets sent to the storyteller.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The logo is 2 commas, which is a reference to quotation marks, and it also represents an unfinished story: Listen, ...

What's next for Project Listen,,

Convert the website into a mobile app Add functionality and other pages for:

  • Action: Fundraisers to donate to, petitions to sign, protests to attend
  • Education: Webinars/lectures on discrimination and compassion, free online courses, other resources

Built With

  • figma
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