Inspiration: My inspiration to start this project was because I know first-hand how challenging paying medical bills can be, and I want to find an efficient and quick solution that can help alleviate the burden of bills when patients are trying to receive medical care that they need. While doing my research to find how I can do so, I realized that there are so many programs and non-profits out there that I didn't know about, and I wanted to make a way for those programs to be easily accessible to other patients in need.

What it does: LifeBoat uses different information about a patient to match them based on criteria that they meet for receiving donations or help from an organization. I hope that LifeBoat will soon be used also to connect patients with clinical trials and researches for the medical condition they are currently being treated for.

How I built it: I used java and JGrasp to create this program.

Challenges I ran into: I had a difficult time finding very local organizations such as organizations specified for a certain county only, and I believe this is an issue I must continue to focus on when I continue the development of my program. I also want to find a better way of updating the information in the database quickly, so that programs will not be outdated or new programs won't be ignored.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: I am proud that I can hopefully make a change in how we pay for healthcare, which I think is a vital issue that many people are still not well aware of.

What I learned: I recently learned java, so this was my first individual project, but I am happy that I could use it for something good that I really hope to see a change in.

What's next for Project LifeBoat: I want to continue to develop project LifeBoat into an easy solution available globally that's free for its users, so that everyone can use it with equal access.

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