This came from the idea that there are two major problems. For a long time there has been a dis-connectiveness in the fluidity between an app that might track your food if you personally input everything... furthermore nothing can give an answer immediately. Furthermore, doctors often are not able to have actual viable for your data for items such as nutrition and exercise.

What it does

LeanFitGO accomplishes solving both problems mentioned before focusing on either GAINING WEIGHT or LOSING WEIGHT. You can ask Alexa (Amazon Echo) about any item in a meal and she will immediately respond back to you on her opinion of the meal (according to its nutrients as displayed in pics above) and your goal weight. Accordingly Project Lean prioritizes certain nutrients above others.

Also LeanFitGO also created medical pages/logs patients can share with doctors - to track your patients for better diagnosis and advice and the exercising we associated through the fitbit api.

Furthermore, I placed a strong emphasis on user and backend design/ux because that is absolutely necessary to penetrate current market,

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I had to leave SpartaHacks early (if I miss anything please email me)

What's next for Project LeanFit GO!

Incorporation antioxidants, lecithin, and other drugs according to goals set pre and after workout diets

This is not simply hack this a company that will change lives.

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