Make it easier and less risky to find someone to recite Quran to, and also make reciting Quran to your friend faster. Also fun and educational Quran competitions are cool.

What it does

Achieves the above. Uses webrtc, new tech secure and performant

How we built it

With webrtc, web sockets, node.js web server + nginx, svelte js framework.

Challenges we ran into

First time using webrtc and websockets.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I don't think this specifically has been done before. Also the quizzes are fun!

What we learned

How webrtc and websockets work. That opens a lot of doors.

What's next for المقرأة

  • Connect "request a teacher" to telegram groups of teachers (male or female)
  • Hide the mushaf when starting
  • Add more quizzes/competitions.
  • Polish the UI and UX

Connect with a teacher

  • no risk tasmee' for children and females, since they are anonymous
  • المقرأة serves a single purpose, and there is no video, so it is more safe
  • if an issue occurs or if the student or teacher feels uncomfortable they can just disconnect

Video demo

Note: the video demo stopped early since the webrtc recording stopped the screen recorded.

Built With

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