From the current exist travelling app, contact tracing app and also the weaknesses and needs in covid-19 pandemic for travelling needs

What it does

We provides regulations information of a country, safety tips along covid-19, symptoms of the case, also information about travel packages.

How we built it

We use dart languages assisted by flutter framework, for the database we search for free database provided from global covid-19 associated organizations like IATA, WHO etc, we also manually retrieve data from malaysia's travel websites....

Challenges we ran into

Limitation in getting data, such as the health and risk status from contact tracing app, we can't really found a solution to it, also finding problems extracting datas from other databases too...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We manage to finish the very minimum functionality, even thou it's considered incomplete or failed

What we learned

How to use dart in flutter better in designing ui, researching for databases, current travelling industry crisis and how to solve the problems

What's next for Peony

We would take the lesson and experiences of this time's failure to get prepared and make a better app next time

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