Concept Note

Gone are the days of reliance on men for commuting! Females will be driving for females, not as an obligation but to empower each other’s role as students, professional or just a woman. Our idea calls for uniting unorganized female carpooling communities on social media platforms and to set them formally for easy usage. Recent sexual harassment allegations — and past incidents of sexual assault by drivers — have presented challenges for companies like Careem, Uber. Meanwhile, this can be launched with hopes of opening up the industry to more women where they can travel on their own with females, alongside earning a few bucks.



  • Working
  • University or College Students

The problems

  • Harassment and rape cases.
  • College/University dropouts: no reliable conveyance.
  • Losing Job opportunities: farfetched areas ->costly
  • All over the place carpooling requests(on social media groups).
  • If the unmoderated, possibility of spamming eg: Ads.
  • No prompt notifications of females commuting in the same areas.
  • Sharing ride track on public platforms/groups is unsafe for females.

Selling Features

  1. Always travel with a female co-passenger.
  2. Safest way to commute with like-minded people
  3. In case of an emergency, send SOS alerts to your contacts.
  4. Notify your family and friends while traveling on the route to your Home/Office.
  5. Travel with 3 tier verified carpool buddies.

How it works?

In this app, we aim to make ride-hailing safe for women. Females can register themselves either as a rider or as a traveler. A rider can post their timings and location they’ll leave from and location they want to reach. A traveler can search these posts, location wise and make a request for a carpool if she finds a convenient timing and a rider. Moreover, she can post the request for carpooling from and to a specific location. Riders living in that area will get notified. The cost will be calculated according to the distance covered and will be split between the number of people registered for the ride (including the driver)

Challenges we ran into

We had to accommodate the diverse skill set of our team members and a different set of problem-solving, critical thinking skills meant greater effort spared to conflict resolution. That was an addressable issue. Moreover, we had to be concerned about expanding the application’s access to various socio-economic groups including young girls and mid-level professionals. Working on the UI and collecting the user requirements while looking at the competitive advantage was a challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were being able to scale up the concept from just a random problem to a big prototype. All of us had different roles, and each offered different insights and approaches to the initial idea that we couldn’t have thought of. Aligning everyone on the same page was a great achievement and then it was also a challenged to assign tasks out on. Not being in the same room meant we had to just absolutely nail the planning. That bit was the trickiest and was coupled by our constraint against the timeline.

What we learned

Got greatly cultured on the significance of communication. Being remote meant no real-time interactions unless we specifically decided to (through zoom). That called us to be extra rigorous about the workshare, and strike the right balance between “sync time” and “work time”. Teamwork was merely a word before we participated. We spent the first hours clarifying doubts and confusion. Brainstorming and building are the most enjoyable part of Hackathon but repetitively finding the right balance between details and presentation of the ideas was very crucial for us in making a solid presentation.

Competitive Advantage

  • Not reliant on more than 1 party: Doesn’t get unoperational in uncertain times
  • Advanced Security: SOS and sensor-based calls.
  • Two in one: Impromptu commuting options coupled with monthly deal
  • Reliability cross-checked with associated organization
  • Red alerts unsafe areas notified based on experiences and past cases

What's next for Safe Pooling/Innovative Elements

Some benefits for car owners can be added, i.e:

  • Sharing the vacant seat and earn some points.
  • Redeem your points to Re-fuel your car.

Social campaigns can be planned to train more females to learn to drive and becoming more independent.

The AI-powered facial recognition algorithm can be added for user authentication and to make sure that only female users are able to use or sign up the app.

Maps marking places where there were reports of harassment in the city so that the pool-provider and the rider know how safe it is to take those routes. Alternate route suggestions for such routes!

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