One of us liked VR, another liked servos, the last one said he was 'good at coding'

What it does

It aims to allow users to 'feel' objects in a VR environment by providing resistance to their grip using servos.

How we built it

We used stretch sensors (conductive rubber) to measure the grip of the hand and model it/animate it on unity. We also used an arduino uno which communicates with unity using a serial port to control the servos precisely.

Challenges we ran into

Unable to get 3D prints for finger clamps done on time. Our stretch sensor would not give repeatable stretch values. Modelling and collision detection in Unity. Working out and tuning a PID algorithm to control the servos.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a very smooth and somewhat surprisingly accurate animation based on real world movement in unity.

What we learned

Time management... How much research goes into programming (looking at library references). The importance of testing in the early stages.

What's next for Project Jazz Hands

We need to implement the servo part of the project to provide resistance. Perhaps make it more ergonomic. Making the "feel" more realistic as right now it feels like its just tugging on your fingers.

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