The driving purpose behind this project was to help others make an impact both inside and outside their community. We wanted to expand volunteering efforts in communities and give people a safe space to educate themselves and voice their opinions on topics.

What it does

We made a website that could provide accessible volunteer opportunities to people of all ages that want to make a change in their community. We created a page where you can easily find articles on relevant topics that people care about. We also serve as a safe platform for people to voice their opinions on through the use of blog posts, which people can submit to the Infinitum team for review.

How we built it

HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Firebase, Maps API

Challenges we ran into

Finding a code editor to use, organizing times to work between teammates, figuring out how to implement the backend (APIs and Firebase), maintaining good overall design

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making a good design, everything was largely implemented

What we learned

How to implement APIs, learned more about JavaScript and Firebase, as well as other languages

What's next for Project Infinitum

Fully implementing Maps API, making overall design cleaner, making Blog and Educate page smoother and more user-friendly

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