The motto of building this application is to make the Indian education system stronger and reachable across all horizons. Being college students we know how overwhelming it is to start exploring something new. Procrastination is the biggest villain of every student’s life . So to tackle it our platform offers a study room feature that enables a student to watch lectures of his choice without any distractions or clickbaits. The best part it offers is that it protects students from youtube artificial intelligence recommendations loop. This platform offers one to one mentorship, guidance and problem-solving. Students could track their overall progress using the weekly checklist feature. The best part is the student can donate as per their wish to the mentor they like and the student himself could be a mentor once he passes his exams and contributes as a mentor.

What it does

It provides a platform for the voluntary contribution of citizens towards community education involving teaching, mentoring and helping someone in academics. It is a way of helping our society and contributing to the overall upliftment of the students, especially from the underprivileged and poor backgrounds who can't afford to enrol themselves into coaching classes and other courses.

How we built it

We used react js in the frontend and used firebase backend as a service. We also used chat engine to establish a protected and secure communication among the mentors and students. Our design was implemented using material ui. As soon as a user signs up or log in , he/she is redirected to the dashboard where he could search for the mentors and visit their profile and attend their classes.

Challenges we ran into

We faced numerous challenges throughout the journey. 1.First and foremost challenge we faced is to how to chose a correct tech stack to implement a scalable solution. 2.How to establish a safe and secure on boarding process for users. 3.State management of user.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The biggest accomplishment for us was that we learned so many new things in the past month.We implemented a fully functional scalable educational website that we believe has the potential to completely transform the education system. We were able to overcome all the challenges and were able to create a completely functional prototype the way we had envisioned.It was a great journey building this site and we are most proud of the fact that it will bridge the gap of education between the poorer and richer sections of society.

What we learned

We learnt to implement our ideas into a real life and scalable project. We pushed our limits to try and learn advanced concepts like state management, authentication and authorization , local storage ,fetching api’s , context api, database management, creating custom hooks , various aspects of styling , protected routing , deployment and most important git work flow.

What's next for project-incognito

This project is going to be the next best education model for the future generation. We are planning to add a lot of features in it such as 1.Implementing better UI and UX. 2.Implement a proprietary chat app.

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