Note: Source code has not been made public per request of the Devpost CEO.

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We couldn't get an idea, so we decided to make a bot that'd give us one.

What it does

It takes in an input and then after analyzing the input it gives you an idea that someone's already done on Devpost.

How we built it

Using Google Cloud functions and Google Cloud datastore to handle storing information and querying it. We used Recast for the chatbot.

Native language processing is used to detect technologies and then they are sent to the API endpoint.

We crawled devpost to create our dataset. More on this below...

Challenges we ran into

We accidentally broke Devpost for half of a Saturday afternoon. Not sure if we're proud or not, yet.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Breaking Devpost? The fact that it works reasonably well.

What we learned

We learned about Native Language processing, how to take down websites without a full distributed denial of service, and how promises are not always the "end-all, be-all".

What's next for project.idea.generate();

To sit on a server somewhere, and generate ideas.

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