Our inspiration was Star Wars, futuristic books and our compassion for solving this problem.

Our project outlines multiple solutions for people's health and well-being while travelling in space.

We used various platforms such as Code.org, Scratch, Tinkercad, and Wix to come up with unique solutions.

Some challenges we faced while making this project included using different features on Scratch and Tinkercad to make our designs/programs more useful. We also had trouble with formatting our website so it's easy to use and simple for everyone.

We're proud of making apps that can be used by everyone in a spaceship environment. We're also proud of making designs that are futuristic, complicated, realistic, and functional so that they can be used in a real life situation.

We learnt about various unique features in Scratch in Tinkercad, and Code.org. We also learnt multiple ways to approach difficult questions and to innovate/make unique solutions which would solve the problem.

We plan for the apps that we made to be accessible for everyone with a mobile device. We're also looking forward for making our designs more realistic/complicated so they can be used in a spaceship environment.

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