What it Changes

It has been proven through scientific studies that learning a language is most effective when the student sees translated photographs of items rather than strict vocabulary translations. We set out to make photographic language learning available to anyone with a web-enabled device. For absolutely free, Project Horus brings photo translation ability to the smart phone, laptop, tablet, and pc. On the go and see something you'd like to be able to describe in a different language? Simply go to project-horus.com and take a new photo to be on your way to learning a new language.

How it works

Using a web app interface, Project Horus allows the user to upload a photo or take a new photo. The user can then select his or her desired region for translation in the photograph by drawing a circle around the item(s) he or she would like translated. The Clarifai API is then called to generate the top three tags regarding the image. These three most likely tags are then sent to the Yandex.translate API

Tech Specs

Project Horus is a web app written in plain Javascript and HTML 5.

Challenges we ran into

Image cropping, choosing a computer vision and translate API,

What's next for Project-Horus

We plan to add more translation languages through Google's Translate API and add a new computer vision algorithm to get more accurate vocabulary tags.

Built With

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