I was in a crowdsourcing and human computations course where we studied the power of wisdom of the crowd. So we thought there is a good use case in the cryptocurrency market where it's flooded with uncertainties.

What it does

We are trying to mitigate risks for small to medium budget investors by sharing sentiments from thousands of users of the web.

How I built it

We are crowdsourcing data from Twitter and Reddit and then running sentiment analysis on tweets and comments. We believe this will reduce risks for new crypto-investors who can be biased by untrustworthy sources.

Challenges I ran into

Twitter API kept kicking us out. Figma preview hated us.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I've only known the basic of UI/UX design but got a chance to learn so much more over the weekend and built my first prototype in Figma.

What I learned

I learned that components and nested frames are awesome.

What's next for Project Hive

We are hoping to this project beyond Hackathon into the real world and protect people from false information.

Built With

  • ibm
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