The Idea

CrisisConnector was built to take the friction out of helping fight this pandemic, by providing a streamlined process to turn a desire to help into a reality by guiding users though the topmost in-demand items, matching helpers with the hospitals near them in the highest need, and (feature planned - in progress) a contactless donation delivery mechanism.


This global pandemic has reached nearly every country in the world, creating rolling surges of demand for healthcare services and personal protective equipment that’s never been seen before. Healthcare centers are overwhelmed and in desperate need of more supplies. With people spending more time at home and online, most folks are aware of the lack of supplies and want to help, but don't know where or how. Individual healthcare workers and organizations have made calls for public assistance, but with no centralized place to go, would be do-gooders struggle to get connected to organizations in need.


Our goal was to create a site that would be easy to use by all and to help remove one of the biggest roadblocks - getting vital supplies to organizations in need. We implemented a sleek and simple design ending with a choice between self-delivery of donation items or scheduling a no-contact Lyft pickup.

Here’s what we did:

  • Identify most in-demand donation items and organizations requesting them: A database of health organizations and items they need, using data sourced from and
  • Built an API with Flask and Python, which provides an endpoint to match a user a specific organization local to them with need
  • A modern, responsive React application with a simple form to guide users through the donation process

Challenges Faced

We ran into bugs, scheduling difficulties, and found other teams doing similar stuff. Ultimately all of these challenges helped guide us farther down the road of building a useful product.

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