Keeping track of your past projects, important commits & STAR stories for interviews is difficult.

The goal is to allow more depth in a candidates history and pinpoint learnings from specific points in a projects journey.

This app is a never-ending portfolio creator that suggests projects to be completed, tracks through GitHub and displays in an interesting format to be shared with recruiters & friends.

What it does

Project supplies a timeline of different versions of a given React App. Upon committing, the server takes a screenshot of it running and passes along metadata about the commit to be displayed.

A list of GitHub versions are displayed on our app in a timeline format. The goal is to allow more depth in showcased projects

How we built it

The Ant Design system was used in Figma to create app mockups and the corresponding system was used then in Angular. While the server was being developed the UI was first created statically, then templated with local objects, then finally connected to the endpoints.

The backend runs in a DigitalOcean Droplett. A pipeline is triggered on pushes to a GitHub repo, where it clones, builds and takes a screenshot of the latest commit which gets uploaded to the timeline.

Challenges we ran into

While connecting to the image endpoint, it was assumed a route could be called that would return and image to be displayed. We found that first the Image needed to be downloaded from the server then temp saved to a url on our client.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Creating a functional prototype
  • Creating app we will use in future

What I learned

  • Different ways of reading images in Frontend
  • Design Systems
  • string vs json arrays
  • Using Python subprocesses

What's next for project

  • Create user accounts
  • Allow users to select repo / images saved under them in mongo
  • Make Project Ideas page integrate with GitHub
  • Create Workplace page

built by team-58

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