Early stage equity splitting has historically been problematic because to the lack of a clear protocol around it. Splicing pie by Mike Moyer proposes a robust protocol for it. This is a DAO that incorporates those rules for early stage startups, so that they can be built as DAO's

What it does

It splits equity based on the number of the tasks done. Every organization, is a group of people that are brought together to do a set of tasks that drive the whole organization towards a particular objective.

How I built it

Used all aragon tools, still unfinished though.

Challenges I ran into

Aragon uses a completely different methodology than regular dapp, so it took quite a while to understand that.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to throw events on the console, because of Aragons architecture was quite challenging personally.

What I learned

Read instructions more carefully

What's next for Project Grunt

Extend its features, deploy a system that entrepreneurs could use in the real world for equity splitting in early stage startups

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