As undergraduates sourcing for internships ourselves, we face the problem of always having to keep track of our job applications, when we had applied for them, or which resume we used to apply. This problem is not only faced by us, but also by those who are going through a job/career switch, which is especially prevalent today amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

What it does

Journeyl is a one-stop Google Chrome extension that helps you to scan your job application and keep track of the most important points for you in a neat and easily-accessible way.

How we built it

We first brainstormed on the design of our Google extension by sketching Lo-fi sketches on our ipad. Then we converted them to a Hi-fi prototype on Figma. Based on the design, we used HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build the extension. We used Firebase for our database and for authentication. In an attempt to automatically scrape the website and display the Job listing's information, we used Python to code a web scraper. Sadly, we were not able to integrate the web scraper with the extension as we had some difficulty creating the API and deploying it.

Challenges we ran into

  • time constraints
  • lack of understanding of python deployment API
  • CSS files not rendering on extension
  • updates of software that we were not aware of, which created compatibility issues

What's next for Journeyl

  • Creating a reminder feature that tracks the time elapsed for the application
  • using NLP to bring out important keywords of a JD to recommend to the user
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