森の音 (Forest Sounds) is inspired by the peaceful nature sounds from a tropical forest.

What it does

森の音 is an audio stream that provides relaxing tropical forest sounds. We designed the sound to include rain, distant thunder, small streams, wind and birds. Every element is expertly mixed to achieve maximum relaxation. The ISP component gives users the option to add 'Pro Subscription' and upgrade to a premium HD 256 kbps audio stream.

How we built it

We used Voiceflow to design the interface and upload important elements such as images and background pictures for Echo Show users. For our translations we used expert translators, through online services like Fiverr. Then we completed the submission using the Alexa Skills Kit and Console.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The service has been popular in the Japanese market and we have a very good uptake of the Pro Membership option. Our users have left nice feedback and we are happy to be helping people. Cities in Japan are very modern and sometimes noisy, so people really appreciate nature sounds that help them relax and become calm.

Advice to other developers

We encourage other developers to build skills for the Japanese market, as there are many users looking for interesting Alexa skills.

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