We wanted to build a blockchain bounty experience for creatives to open the market up for jobs issued all over the world. Genie also helps creatives get access to a global talent pool as well.

What it does

The app allows wishes to be issued by people in need of top-notch creative services. For this prototype app, the services include logo creation and simple graphics like memes, just for the hell of it.

How we built it

To make this submission work under different bounties we needed to use technologies from different vendors here at the hackathon, this is how we went about it:

  • Solidity: Our smart contracts were built in solidity
  • ArWeave: To host our web app on the permaweb
  • Infura: We passed all our transactions through infura nodes so they can be baked onto Ethereum
  • Torus: We allowed logins through Google's 0Auth
  • Matic: We using Matic's sidechain as a production environment for our dApp

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That we managed to validate our project by doing creative work for other teams at the hackathon.

What's next for Project Genie

To improve the user flow to accept payments in crypto, accommodate different types of creative work and even to open up Genie to other services outside the creative industry.

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