Our motive was to use technology to help bridge the gap between kids and college students through interaction and engagement in community-building activities.

What it does

We have a general website where anyone can access information about the program - prospective participants, volunteers and parents. We also have an app that participants can use to stay connected with mentors and vice versa. We also built a virtual room that displays a gallery of past participants and more information about the program so that participants can learn more in a cool and fun way!

Challenges we ran into

My team and I were not quite familiar with building apps for Oculus or with web design. We watched some tutorials and helped each other to pick up the skills we needed to achieve our goal.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Tremendous teamwork! We all attended 2 of the 3 workshops despite having a project to work on. Also, this was our first hackathon and we did not know what to do for most of the time, but still managed to work something out.

What I learned

There's always something to learn and something to give back to local communities!

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