Volunteering has dropped 25% in USA despite Corporate Social Responsibility endeavors and social impact sponsorships. Using blockchain to validate time spent volunteering and facilitate transfer of value, Forward Coins (our cryptocurrency) can reward social engagement and give quantifiable impact data to sponsors.

What it does

Allows volunteers to get rewarded for their social impact, while allowing donors to see the direct impact of their sponsorships in a completely transparent and sustainable system.

How it Works

Sponsors give fiat to Project Forward to underwrite Forward Coins (FC's), and Project Forward creates the commensurate amount of FC's (easily audit-able, giving transparency). Volunteers then help in their community and once confirmed by nonprofit agents, are rewarded with FC's. Their time and rewards are recorded on the blockchain, as well as the ongoing impact of all spored donations to the system. Volunteers can then 'Pay it Forward' by sending their FC's to other nonprofits, or redeem Forward Coins with local merchants (who settle with Project Forward in fiat). If a user decides to remove themselves from the system, all of their data is seamlessly deleted from the blockchain.

What I built

Using InterBit as the blockchain and UI we have a social app that can: -Create FC's when sponsorship occurs, -Automatically build wallets for Volunteers & Nonprofits & classify permissions, -Confirm 'clock-in/clock-out' times for volunteers, -Allow nonprofit agents to easily confirm/deny volunteer hours, -Remit transactions of FC's between ProjectForward/Volunteers/Nonprofits, -Delete user data retroactively if needed (by using child chain to store user details and primary chain to ref).

Using Chainpoint to verify data timestamps on public blockchain we publicly confirm volunteer engagement time and duration. Because primary data is held on a private chain, Chainpoint allows distributed authentication on secondary blockchain.

Challenges I ran into

Creating technical structure to allow user data to be deleted if desired, while still holding valid chains of record (solved with Interbit private child chains) Confirming volunteer engagement publicly without giving personal user data (solved with Chainpoint public chain hash posts)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Complete step1 of changing the world. Specifically, a viable mechanism for incentivizing volunteers thats benefits everyone in the process. Solve mechanism of ability to use child chains to delete user data.

What I learned

Blockchain is MUCH more malleable today with new architectures and systems than it has ever been before. Client friendly and use-case specific applications are more accessible and deployable than we knew. A group of peopple that is excited and dedicated is an incredibly powerful force.

What's next for Project Forward

Run a pilot!

Built With

  • chainpoint
  • interbit
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