Well , considering current situation (Covid-19 )what might be better theme to create a simple , fun game based on it. Simple message we get from this game is β€œIt may take a while to become completely safe from covid-19 until then , get sanitized and move on i.e focus on your life"

What it does

Just sanitize yourself and move on by preventing virus.

How I built it

For quick development of video game i chose Buildbox platform as its easy to build simple games like this one. Javascript language was used to write code for some actions like jump ,move ,etc.

Challenges I ran into

Exporting ( android and ios ) the game to be made available to others required premium subscription which I cannot afford so i shared the source code for game.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Completing the game was really a proud moment for me and making it available to others.

What I learned

I learned basics of game development , when to write code in the game, how to use 2D sprites and finally how to export it.

What's next for project for cat hacks

1) Will add different levels (easy , medium , hard). 2) Add sound to make it more exciting.

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