AR and VR are becoming increasingly popular as people want more direct interaction with technology in the real world. Inspired by a glove that is used to train the hand after injury or surgery, we would like to develop our own glove that allows the user to control a digital space. In addition, we also develop a vehicle that shows the capabilities of the glove in the real world.

What it does

Our product will sense the direction and angle of the hand as well as whether the hand is closed or opened. These actions will be used as inputs to control an object in a game or our car in the real world. The car also has a radar sensor to ensure it does not crash into another object.

We use Bluetooth to transfer data from the glove to the vehicle. For the games, the data is transferred from the glove via WiFi to thingspeak and then used by other programs.

The game is programmed within the final project of another course in Matlab and uses the data from thingspeak.

Why it is a life changer

The rehabilitation of injuries to hands requires a lot of time and perseverance. Playful applications can turn this training into fun and lead to a faster recovery. Our glove can also be used to develop the hand coordination of children. In addition, the glove can also be used by any person as a game controller similar to a Nintendo console, which does not have to be held in the hand, but instead is worn as a glove.

Team Roles

  • Merrick - Create and code glove for input
  • Patrick - Construct car and prepare to receive data from glove

Parts needed

For two gloves:

  • 1x Pair of gloves
  • 2x Accelerometer
  • 2x Light sensor
  • 2x Arduino WiFi
  • 2x Powerbank/batteries

For the car:

  • 4x Servo motor
  • 4x Plastic wheel
  • 1x Radar sensor
  • 1x Powerbank/batteries
  • 1x Car framework
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