The initial idea for Evermore came from a hackathon at JP Morgan’s Code for Good in Tampa, Florida. For Philly Codefest, the original Evermore concept was kept, but the whole source code was abandoned for a different implementation.

What it does

The easiest way to describe Evermore is a Waze for pedestrians. Specifically we decided to focus around pedestrians with paralysis. Users will be able to identify obstructions at their current location. Each obstruction will have a picture and description inputted by the user with a up and down vote validation system. Users will be able to request directions and if an obstruction is found in the path, Evermore will generate an alternative path around the obstruction.

How we built it

We used google map api to display a map, pull the longitude and latitude, create marker points and create an alternative route around the obstructions. Our marker points were stored

Challenges we ran into

The challenges we ran into were learning PHP, generating an alternative path around the obstruction, and using data from PHP server without errors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to display all obstructions with attached photos. Also, we implemented a up vote and down vote system in order to validate our submissions through crowd sourcing.

What we learned

PHP, JavaScript, Google API

What's next for Project Evermore

Crowd sourcing way points for the best alternative route around obstructions. Identifying obstructions (user can not travel past) verse problems (user can travel past).

Built With

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