The prototype demo that we have built is an experience where you take the role of a spectator. You get to see an example simulation of how the experience and interaction for a client and their deceased loved one would work. The client being Nick Stavrou one of the creators of Project Elysium and his late father Steve or as he calls him “Baba” a Greek word for Dad. This was the best way to test and communicate what we are creating here as a potential service for people.

The service that we wish to create is a personalized software service called Project Elysium that builds personal virtual sanctuary’s in virtual reality. We work with clients to create 3D models of their deceased loved ones. Giving them the opportunity to see them once more in a custom made and scripted virtual environment. A piece of software created for them that they own. Aimed to help people left behind deal with and work through grief.

The control system requires a bluetooth controller with analog stick to move around the scene.

Project Elysium would aim to offer three main services to people at this point. The main service side, clients working with a consultant to build an Elysium Project of their deceased loved one. The other service is creating an Elysium Project for a living client to leave behind for their loved ones. The third is an experience open to the public where we would build a specific Elysium project of say for example Elvis in one of his films and release these projects to the public for them to experience.

We aimed in this competition with limited time and recourses of a Jam to focus on the key aspect of our idea. The emotional side. So with this we aimed to test the strength of how deep and meaningful a NPC of a loved one within VR could be. Also to gain an understanding of the aftereffects an endeavour such as this would have.

Should this project have validation we would seek out further advanced technologies like A.I., verbal user interaction, greater graphic realism and procedural driven events. There’s a lot we would love to continue to test, validate, measure and work on within Project Elysium. We would love the opportunity to steer this into a functioning company for VR users.

For the first time in all of mankind's history other than film, memories, dreams or faith. Humans will have the opportunity to enact on some sort of tangible interaction with those loved ones that are gone. Through the window that we create, people will now have another life raft to hold onto in the ocean of sorrow and loss. The window will never fill the void of that person but it can offer another option when dealing with the mourning of a loved one and aid in finding reconcile.

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