"7M people died of hunger in 2020, World Food Programme says"... We may not always think of this fact. But we can't forget that there are so many people who are starving for days without even a tiny food to eat. When we race to eat yummy food everyday, there are people fighting them-selves to feed their children. World is moving forward every day, but those people are not. Sometimes, that's how they were born. And sometimes, people fall in to that situation on their own. But, whatever it is they are still humans. And as humans, we all should take care of each other to the maximum we can. A glass of milk may not be a big deal to us. But for those people who are in hunger, that glass of milk is like a million dollar ticket to fill their gut.

So, during this Thanksgiving time period, why can't we at least try to do something for those who are in hunger? Being humane is one the most valuable things in life, isn't it? There are so many people around us who are unable even to find a little food to eat while some people have big dinner treats. So our intention is to share at least a small piece of food among those people who are in hunger...

What it does

As the first step, we did develop an Android application during the Hackathon. From the app we mainly allow people who are in need of food to request food, while people who are willing to share food can see the people who are in hunger and donate them food or even invite them over for a meal.

Main 2 Features

  1. Place food requests
  2. See food requests

Sub Features

  1. Share location
  2. Share image
  3. Get direction information
  4. See shared details and images
  5. Make calls
  6. Add donation details

How we built it

We designed the interfaces of the application and then started the backend development of the application. We used Figma for the UI designing and Android Studio to develop the app. Technologies/ techniques used within the project can be mentioned as below.

  1. Java
  2. PHP
  3. XML
  4. Google Cloud API
  5. Android Studio
  6. Figma
  7. Google Firebase
  8. MySQL
  9. Adobe Photoshop
  10. Adobe Premier

Challenges we ran into

  1. Limited Time - 2 members of the team are new comers and the team was formed some hours after the event started. And we only had about 24hrs at max to complete the project. So we limited the features of the application to only providing the essential functions needed for now.

  2. Lack of experience and knowledge - Most of us did not have much experience related to app development. So we had to learn some things during the project time while using that knowledge to complete the project.

  3. Database Management - We wanted to maintain a database to complete the project. And finding the relevant platforms was confusing until one of the members allowed to use his personal server space.

  4. Technical errors - While developing the application so many technical issues raised and sometimes it took a lot of time to solve the issue.

  5. Project initialization - We wanted to find a platform to connect the hungry people and the donators. So we planned on coming up with a mobile app.

  6. Assumptions - We assumed that almost all the people will be having smartphones and that those who don't have one can use someone else' smartphone and request for food.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As planned we could complete the application within the time period. And that's a huge achievement. And all the functions are also working fine and it looks so nice even with minimal features. We could learn new things and even met awesome team members.

What we learned

  1. There are a lot of people who fight against their hunger because they are lacking food, while we enjoy at least a small meal. So, always share, whatever, whenever you can.

  2. Team Working - Working and making decisions together as a team.

  3. Technical Skills - We improved our technical skills such as front-end development, back-end development and UI designing using techniques and technologies such as Java, Figma, Android Studio, Adobe Photoshop, MySQL & etc.

  4. If we work hard nothing is unachievable - We started the work late and had only 24hrs left for everything. But some members of the team worked on the project without even having a sleep. And that commitment helped us to complete the project within the time.

  5. Learn & Share - Learning everything alone and trying to grow alone is not what people do. Instead, everyone should share what they know and what they learn. So everyone can learn new things. During this project, all the team members helped each other to learn new things by guiding them with the knowledge they had.

What's next for

At this stage we came up with the Android mobile application with the minimal features that it can have. And we wish to take it to the hybrid application level and distribute among the people so that we can really help those people who are in hunger to find at least one meal to eat. Also, we need to improve the features of the application to move along with the risks and challenged that may raise. The UI/UX must be improved as well as the user friendliness. We also need some members with technical skills to work on the project.

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