Starting point

Local cultural events drive traffic to neighborhood shops. However, they can barely survive, while large international events get tons of subsidies. Do the latter really fulfill their promises of promoters by driving significantly more traffic?

What it does

We combined event data from La Vitrine with Yelp data around visits to businesses in the area of the event.

How we built it

  • API retrieval and data manipulation with Python; Excel for some analysis; visualization with Tableau

Challenges we ran into / Accomplishments,

Yelp does not provide direct access to detailed check-in data, and can't provide a direct indicator of traffic in a business. We therefore had to use the reviews to infer the popularity of a business during a period of time. We also noticed that we don't have as much data as we thought at first (Yelp is still growing, especially outside central neighbourhoods!), so some assumptions had to be made when performing the analysis. Moreover, having access to historical event data from La Vitrine would have allowed the analysis to be more precise for events that don't always occur during the same exact period. We could consider leveraging data from other sources to complete and validate the results.

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