The inspiration for Swole Tech came from an idea, an idea so small that it seemed almost impossible. Like most game changing ideas, ours was built of something that already existed but also didn't exist. We wanted to create something that would connect everyone who is involved in the fitness scene. This includes, but is not limited to, casual running groups, trainers with Olympic medalists, and sport coaches' teams. Anyone on any kind of team can connect through a shared workout experience.

What it does

Swole Tech does what most other social media applications do but takes it to the next level. With this platform, you are connected to friends, but friends who share the same drive for working out as you do. The main purpose this application has is to provide a platform for groups of people as well as individuals to share their journey through fitness. This is achieved by allowing users the ability to connect to other users and presenting their workouts in one of three forms.

  1. Reverse chronological feed presenting past workouts of people with whom you are connected.
  2. Live feed of your friends' and teammates' workouts which motivates you to replicate their workout.
  3. Team of people on your irl sports team or a group of friends with similar fitness interests that can exclusively share workouts with one another.

How we built it

This platform was built on the basis of simplicity as well as polish. To accomplish this we used a frontend using React & typescript while having a backend web server that utilizes python, Flask, and a postgresql server for our database models.

Challenges we ran into

No project is complete without its fair share of challenges and roadblocks, Swole Tech is no exception. One of the biggest challenges was getting the development tools working on each of the team members' computers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

With each new project there are always possibilities for accomplishes that you can only get when tossed into the deep end and asked to swim. Some of our most notable accomplishments include, but are not limited to, teamwork, planning, and designing.

What we learned

During the course of the 36 hours spent on this project, we learned so much. We learned more about ourselves, more development tools, and the process of working as a team that has distinct tasks with slight overlapping.

What's next for Swole Tech

Though Swole Tech was designed for a small audience, it can easily be expanded for an even larger audience!! One of the things that we are looking more forward to is to take the lessons, features, and designs from Swole Tech and implement them into Durian's Swoly V3.

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