Our original idea for this project was to develop a simple chat bot that could make uninteresting small talk whenever you desired--however we quickly realized that no one in our group knew anything about natural language processing and were all newbies to hackathons no less. We eventually settled on creating a simple discord bot instead!

What it does

Project Dragonfruit knows a total of 8 commands and can be @ mentioned to found out its prefix and to be given a command that prints its other commands. There are commands for pinging the bot, receiving random trivia or compliments, playing rock-paper-scissors, russian roulette, and others!

How we built it

This program was built with Virtual Code Studio, Node.js, Discord Developer API, and lots and lots of Googling.

Challenges we ran into

This was our first time using JavaScript for a project of this scope, so we had some struggles getting the code to work. The programmers weren't used to working and sharing files across two computers online, often leading to a couple minutes of trouble-shooting when we combined the files and standardized the code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This hackathon was the first for everyone in our team and we were so proud of what were able to accomplish. This was the first hackathon all of our team members participated in and we couldn't be happier that we had something functional to submit!

What we learned

We learned how to organize and divide up a complex project into multiple parts. The coders familiarized/refamiliarized themselves with JavaScript and the designers flexed their graphic design and ideation skills. Most importantly, we learned that if you have a Wi-Fi connection, access to a web browser, the appropriate applications, and a deadlines for yourself (alternatively, the deadlines can be externally imposed)--then you can truly build anything!

What's next for Project Dragonfruit

The Project Dragonfruit Team hasn't really decided were our bot will go next. The programmers will probably add on some leftover ideas from the hackathon in due time. We all plan on inviting this bot to our own Discord servers and cannot wait to see the reactions of our friends. We're open to any and all suggestions/feedback on how we can improve the bot. The team (which is comprised of a Freshman, a Sophomore, a Junior, and a Senior--the perfect grade level mix) had a great time with this project and all the underclassmen plan on attending next year's Klein Hacks!

Built With

  • discord
  • discord-developer-api
  • discord-developer-portal
  • javascript
  • node.js
  • virtual-code-studio
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