Movies like Real Steel and RoboCop or the game "My Brute" are huge inspirations behind this project.

What it does

Centauri has created a fighting game where users can: Imagine having a UFC champion in your wallet.

-Challenge other Player for AI-driven NFT Fights. -Earn Tokens by winning fights with your NFT and betting on the outcome. -Change NFT appearance in Cosmetic Market to create rarity.

How we built it

We built it using Unreal Engine 4.7(shifting to UE5 when it releases) and Anchor Framework, Solana. We did the Art in Blender. And web libraries like React and Bulma to do the web. Nodejs for the server.

Challenges we ran into

Solana, we had no experience with rust or Solana ecosystem, anchor saved us a lot of overhead, and we focused on writing programs. NFT marketplace on Solana, Metaplex saved us a lot of time to focus on making the game. Game Client Cloud. So we have worked with servers before but never hosted a game server (GPU intensive) to stream (part of project arch). We found a way to do that.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

So building a Game is Hard; making a good game is even harder. When we tested our MVP, it was heart-pumping and exciting to watch and wait for the game results. Which is the exact feeling one should get while using a product. We are proud of that.

What we learned

How to Build Program in Solana with Anchor. How to Host a Game in Cloud. How to Make a Good AI in Unreal Engine.

What's next for Project Crypunks

Prediction Market - To Bet on Fights, Cosmetic Market - To Change NFT Appearance VR-Launch, We believe metaverse is where the full potential of Project Crypunks is.

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