With the COVID-19 crisis, it was clear that there was a gap with matching resource to need. This is why Project CORA was created, CORA stands for Community Operations Resource Agent, and the purpose is to help the community.

What it does

CORAbot communicates directly with those who are requesting a need and those who can provide the need. Because privacy is of upmost concern, CORAbot never reveals any information unless is approved by the user.

How we built it

CORAbot was created at a previous hackathon, and this team specifically worked to depict information from those who are requesting resources and those who have them by portraying them on a map. This will allow users to visually see where demands/resources are at. Along with the map, we also worked on creating the design and content for the website.

Challenges we ran into

We had some difficulty in figuring what the best technology would be for building the map, but finally decided on using .net on a react core.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We all think the map and website design works beautifully with each other and that our work will be used by Microsoft when the product goes to full launch. We're also proud that the Microsoft team enjoyed and appreciated the work we all did, it means a lot to have their approval and support.

What we learned

We learned to always clarify and ask questions when we're confused. Sometimes understanding the overall vision conflicted with the immediate work that needed to be done, so prioritizing the proper work was critical.

What's next for PROJECT CORA

We are hoping to continue updating the map and website with new content and features to make it more accessible as well as portray the widespread functionality CORAbot has.

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